• (God damn Ivory is so nice to use. And I don’t even have cause to post a lot of stuff at the moment. But even “just” as a reader it’s so amazing. I find myself wanting to use it.)

  • Boosts on mastodon are great for discovering new accounts you might like to follow and terrible because you see people you definitely don’t want to follow.

  • I now have a Mastodon account at @matti@social.lol. I probably will end up mostly crossposting content from my Micro.blog there, but I will play it by ear.

    It’s kinda funny: I tried to write this blog post three times already. The first two times I was going to say, that I was not going to get a Mastodon account just because I wanted to try out Ivory. But I guess being unable to publish said post was a sign (right?).

    So yeah. I’m very excited about trying this new thing or these new things, really: Mastodon, Ivory and OMG.lol.

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