@jean (I'm no native speaker so I apologize if I come of as being insensitive/aggressive) I feel strongly that we shouldn't post things like this (I can't really demand this, but I still feel that way). Tongue-in-cheek or not, a post like this will never not: 1.) be incendiary and 2.) generate "sportsfanism". People are measured (even keeled) over here, but even then I can see that people (including me) get wound up by judgments like this. Furthermore I feel like this kind of post - a comment that recontextualizes a negative judgement (tongue-in-cheek, or not) that basically starts a new discussion thread with the same (or often worse, rarely better) kind of energy - has the potential to poison any timeline: Examples like this makes it obvious that even the mb timeline can be "gamed" for engagement. I wouldn't want that. Sorry that I felt the need to state my opinion so strongly, but as soon as I read your post, saw the tweet and the replies there and here, I felt... a feeling of the toxic bullshit that happens on other platforms. And it made me sad. ☹️