(The era of the Pre-Post-Pandemic means that having guests over becomes possible again. It’s a challenge that I want to use as a chance to improve my hosting abilities.)

If things don‘t come naturally, I immediately want to devise a system to solve the problem. Replace talent with technology.

If you are forgetful, you should write it down, create a reminder maybe put it on your calendar. In the same way, I feel I could counter my shortcomings when hosting somebody, too:

If you are not a natural host maybe devising a guest room (we don’t have the space, but in theory…) and putting aside some resources just for the guests just as a bnb would do would lessen the stress.

I’ll try to observe closely what things make staying over here and being a host enjoyable. Let’s see what of the things we improvised this time, we could account for next time beforehand.

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