About me

German living in Finland’s north-east. Making money by programming remotely. Loves to write notes.

About the blog

This blog is a so-called micro.blog, meaning that it offers blogging features that integrate nicely with a timeline that is not dissimilar to Twitter. See their homepage and their welcome page for more info.

That’s why you’ll find a Replies page in the navigation, that lists all my recent replies to other micro.bloggers. And it is also the reason, why some of my posts have comments from other micro.bloggers.

Being part of the micro.blog social timeline does not require a paid subscription, you could e.g. also connect your Wordpress.

There are also other ways to connect with me: You could write me an email. Every post has a clickable mailto link that makes connecting via email as easy as possible.

You could also hop on mastodon. All my content is mirrored over there, which means you can reply to any and every post I have written and you can also easily initiate a conversation, if that tickles your fancy.