In January I did a yearly Review and planning session, a thing I always try to do every year.

This year I have the following goals and ideas which I'd like to try out:

  • Becoming an early riser - Status Quo: Big success! So much more time1 to do my projects. Se also my unter two minutes podcast "The Early Riser" that I record every single morning right after I have woken up.
  • "I will start" - Explanation: Be the one who initiates communication, anticipate things to do before anybody has to bring them up - Status: Eh. Could be better, but I am not so bothered by this.
  • Evidence-based living - Explanation: Track things and find metrics to make more informed decisions about different areas in my life.
  • "Commit" - Explanation: Inspired by 4000 Weeks, I'll try to commit to only three work-in-progress items at a time and if I'm committed try to bring those things to an end that is satisfactory while also resisting other demands - internally or externally - on me and my time and attention. Status: Okay, actually.
  • "Read and Write more" - Status: Meh. I am trying, though. I found that playing around with Readwise2 has motivated me to do more in this regard.

  1. A day has only 24 Hours, so how is changing the start of the day making a difference? It's all about not snoozing and using time in bed effectively. If you need 10 hours in bed to get 6 hours of sleep that's not very effective. On the other hand: If you sleep 7 hours while laying in bed for 8 that's pretty good. Changing my sleep schedule made me a more effective sleeper. ↩︎

  2. I can't decide if it's a great thing or overpriced, yet. [EDIT: I have decided that I like it. A lot.] But I have noticed the little boost of interest of doing more reading (and re-reading) with every resurfaced highlight. So maybe it'll end up being worth it. ↩︎

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