My Microcasts

At the moment I publish three different microcasts (short, no-frills, solo podcasts):

  1. The Early Riser - daily, around 2 minutes about sleep, waking up early and related things - Feed URL
  2. The PuppyCast - weekly on weekends, around 10 minutes about my dog napu, training her, how she is growing up, etc. - Feed URL
  3. LeadDev - whenever, my newest project, maybe 5 minutes (or a lot more) about my work and how I approach journeying towards maybe becoming a lead developer at some point in the future. - Feed URL

I love microcasts because I don't always have the time to write posts. But since I'm frequently walking the dog, I do have the time to record something. I love to reflect about my life, my goals and ideas and this is the perfect outlet for it.