Good Apps - Paletro

My current editor for coding is VS Code. Before that it was Sublime Text. Both of them have a lovely feature: The Command Palette.

By pressing a shortcut (cmd + shift + p by default), you get a search bar to search for any command the app offers. Sounds simple - and it is, but it is also very powerful. The most recently used commands bubble up to the top, it shows the location of the command in the menu and also the command's shortcut which helps to learn the actual way of triggering it via the keyboard.

Paletro brings all this power to any app on your Mac. 

You could have a downgraded version of Paletro for free by using the built-in search found in the help menu (cmd + shift + /), but this doesn't work in many apps anymore and it isn't as convenient or quick to use, in my experience.