I recently bought new hardware for my personal use: An M1 MacBook Air and an 11” iPad Pro. My thoughts after the keynote:

  • I couldn’t be more excited about the new iPadOS features
  • I am slightly sad that the two new MacBook models - the new M2 MacBook Air and the new 13-inch MacBook Pro - would have been options for my needs and budget

Since the iPad Pro was supposed to be my main machine - not least because I wanted to see if that is possible and fun - I’m even more excited to double down on that. Yeah, I just bought the older MacBook Air, but I bought it because I assume that the light coding I’m doing in my free time and the heavier reading/writing/note taking/processing workflow I have, will lead me to use a machine that can run a less walled in OS with multitasking capabilities. We’ll see.

I wonder if I would have picked a beefier M2 Air over my two machine solution, but I’m also happy I got both devices. We live in a time of exciting technology in which we can pick the right digital tool for the job at hand and I’m happy that I can experience this exciting future.

In any case: My new hardware - I’m still waiting on my new Air - is/is going to be an amazing upgrade to my technological status quo. My personal laptop has been a 13-inch Mac Pro from 2013. And although that computer is still working (I just upgraded it to Monterey this morning!), it was time to upgrade. I’m really looking forward to leaving the sluggish, syrupy Mac experience behind.

UPDATE: My thoughts after a few months of use

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