Some ways in which notes can help to reach goals:

  • Finding goals and planning them out
  • Tracking progress
  • Colleting ideas
  • organizing Tasks
  • Reflecting on all of the above

Some ways in which some types of notes can make you write more notes:

  • running list notes - as long as a list is active, new things have to be added to it to keep it active
  • check list notes - check lists have to be used
  • “forms” - forms have to be filled (could also be a single field form, like a prompt note)
  • seed notes - have to be edited/refactored
  • notes with complex ideas - will have to be explained by other notes that may not exist yet or have to bridged to be able to be linked
  • highlights/notes of reading materials - are not even real notes yet!

I think that one trick to make note taking make sense is to arrange your note taking in a way that leads to more note taking and then to make that note taking about reaching your goals. I say “and then” but both things (which are goals in themselves) have to be front and center all the time.

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