There is a great OmniFocus plug-in by Kaitlin Salzke called Work On which apparently is an idea - the work on task that is - that Kourosh Dini came up with.

People who know GTD know that I’m at least to define the next step that would bring my project closer to completion. But sometimes even that gets in the way and so I end up not setting up the project in OmniFocus at all. The antidote is a repeating “Work on” task that I can check off when I did an appropriate amount of work. Instead of defining the next step I’m just working on it and especially in projects that are self evident, creative or not in need of lots of planning this is a great idea.

Kaitlin’s plug-in makes this thing now even better, because I can check the task off for the whole day and it won’t come back until tomorrow.

Great idea, great plug-in. Give it a try.

P. S.: It’s maybe slightly too early to write a post like this, but I just wanted to share my enthusiasm. So take it with a grain of salt - and ask me in 3 months if I’m still using this.