• @manton @muhh I see. I guess mb would need to be a full blown mastodon (compatible) instance to make this work. Don't know if that's a good idea (what with the hashtags and boosting and whatnot).

  • @hollie Good luck. What apps did you try? I'm having success using Paprika for my recipes/groceries for the last few years.

  • @odd Amen. I'll try.

  • @Miraz Super cute as ever. ☺️

  • @darby3 Yeah. I had a couple of runs that went past the first boss and losing just meant that I wanted to immediately get back there.

  • @matti @siracusa Sorry for the brevity, I didn't want to use more than one post (and look at me now!). I'm mostly talking about this week's @recdiffs@mastodon.social boco but could be a question for @atpfm@mastodon.social, too, I guess., if that's interesting enough.

  • @siracusa@mastodon.social V. interesting recdiffs abt. the need for Twitter to be a pleasant place first. Would like to hear thoughts on benefiting from the visibility Twitter prov. to ppl with lots of followers like you. Is it bad business to abandon the service bc. of ideals?

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