• This week’s MicroMonday goes to @val, who happens to live in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

    She’s a great follow, if you like

    • slice of life type posts (with lots of photos)
    • interesting languages
    • (depending on where you’re from and what you have been exposed to) foreign cultures
  • For this week’s MicroMonday, I recommend that you follow writer and Buddhist @patrickrhone. I have followed him a long time and he still manages to remind me to be mindful, to stay grounded and at the same time connected to the modern world.

  • My MicroMonday recommendation this week goes to @annahavron: A thoughtful productivity geek, that writes so interestingly (not only) about paper-based productivity that it’s a joy to read even for someone who is not even using paper to organize their own life.

  • My MicroMonday this week goes to @Miraz who lives in New Zealand. I love the little slices of life we get when she posts a photo of her life and the nature that surrounds her. She is also helpful (see @custom), thoughtful and a great treasure to have in any micro.blog timeline.

  • My MicroMonday rec for this week is @sod. As far as I can tell his favorite hobbies include: Helping people, being nice and having lots of knowledge around Hugo/micro.blog.

    (And starting next week I’ll have to rec a little bit more diversely)

  • My MicroMonday rec goes to @baldur for his different viewpoint on the web dev world.

    Come for the different perspective on the status quo, stay for the occasional photo of Iceland.

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