• The weird feeling when you realize that you work quicker in php than in typescript nowadays.

    Or in other words: I started to rewrite my side-project in php. Because why not? 😅

  • Good that my side project is done in typescript. Since learning and using PHP everyday for my current job I really have forgotten a lot…

  • Working on my side project, watching other people play video games on my second display (youtube). It’s nice to have a free day tomorrow and enjoying a quiet night.

  • Jeez, I have not had so much fun tinkering with a side project, ever, I think. Slowly but surely building and refactoring, the way I like, without sprint goals or other deadlines, being in charge. It’s just the best feeling. 👨‍💻

  • I was just out with the dog 🐶 in the dark, grayish, cold and freezing-melting-freezing weather we have here. And even though it is dark and unfriendly outside, it didn’t change my mood at all. I was just thinking about my side project, the various research avenues I want to explore in my note taking and so on. Then I noticed: What a privilege to have things to look forward to doing.

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