• Good to see that state management in SPAs is still hard since the last time (3,5 years ago) I used one of these frame works. This time it’s vue3 last time it was react.

  • When I try to figure how something works in my programming language I often use the service replit. It offers a simple bare bones php environment which is ready to go to test out some stuff, is portable and free to use.

    One thing that is slightly annoying is that they only support PHP 7.4 out of the box, but it is very easy to upgrade the php version used to PHP 8. Let’s start with an example:

    $str = "Hello, world!\n";
    if (str_contains($str, 'llo')){
      echo 'YUP';

    This code will not run as is on replit, because the function str_contains doesn’t exist before PHP 8.

    Screen Shot 2023 03 09 at 14 39 02

    So let’s change that. Click the three dots in the side bar and reveal hidden files:

    Screen Shot 2023 03 09 at 14 41 39

    Next, open the replit.nix file and change the used php version, like so:

    { pkgs }: {
      deps = [
        pkgs.php //from pkgs.php74

    Without needing to do anything else we have instructed nix - the package and config manager underlying much of replit.com’s functionality - to use the latest php package which happens to be php 8.

    If we run our little test program now, it’ll work:

    Screen Shot 2023 03 09 at 14 47 10

    NB: The version of nix on replit is not up to date, so trying to use php82 to get the latest and greatest PHP Version 8.2 won’t work. But php 8.0 is still better than php 7.4

  • It still is a challenge to find the right words in code reviews, no matter what side I’m on:

    As the reviewer I want to give really good reasons, be persuasive but also signal that I know that we live in a contingent universe. If I have knowledge to give I want to explain things well, without coming off as paternalistic.

    As the reviewed I want to be open minded, interested, but also being able to challenge things back without coming off as defensive.

  • Taking a break from microcasting

    I recently published a post about my microcasts and I‘m now writing this to tell you I’m going to microcast less. Less frequent and less scheduled. This is even weirder because I just created an intricate shortcut that automatically publishes a post with the right episode title and number without having to look up any of those details, which streamlined the entire process a lot.

    But I have noticed that I‘m not as much in the mood at the moment to record my thoughts in this way. The early riser project, for example, was a great McGuffin to get me out of bed, but since I have changed my approach to waking up, it has become less important to me. I don‘t want to record these little episodes for the ramblings alone.

    Being a big fan of podcasts like Back To Work and Cortex, I thought I could do a microcast about my work and how I approach it, but I have noticed that I would like to write about these things, not only talk about them extemporaenously. LeadDev is also the microcast for which the ratio of recorded/published episodes is the worst: I take this as an indicator of my wanting to express myself more carefully than I can while walking the dog and having to observe the environment.

    À propos the dog: I created my first microcast, the PuppyCast, because I wanted to have a record of the challenges and joys of raising a puppy. I wanted to look (DailyDoogo, which I will not abandon, btw.) and listen back to this important time in my life. But I think that this project has run its course: I don‘t feel the need to publish this every week anymore. It‘s not like nothing changes or that there is nothing to report dog-wise, but it all comes down to the need to simplify and de-schedule my life. And I have episodes for the first six months, which seems like a good place to stop.

    Seasons change. And this is how I feel about my microcasting: Right now I‘d much rather write than talk. Looking at my blog I mostly see noise that was produced hastily to satisfy a self-imposed schedule. I will let this stuff go, for now.

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    Why I need a task management app.

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