Taking a break from microcasting

I recently published a post about my microcasts and I‘m now writing this to tell you I’m going to microcast less. Less frequent and less scheduled. This is even weirder because I just created an intricate shortcut that automatically publishes a post with the right episode title and number without having to look up any of those details, which streamlined the entire process a lot.

But I have noticed that I‘m not as much in the mood at the moment to record my thoughts in this way. The early riser project, for example, was a great McGuffin to get me out of bed, but since I have changed my approach to waking up, it has become less important to me. I don‘t want to record these little episodes for the ramblings alone.

Being a big fan of podcasts like Back To Work and Cortex, I thought I could do a microcast about my work and how I approach it, but I have noticed that I would like to write about these things, not only talk about them extemporaenously. LeadDev is also the microcast for which the ratio of recorded/published episodes is the worst: I take this as an indicator of my wanting to express myself more carefully than I can while walking the dog and having to observe the environment.

À propos the dog: I created my first microcast, the PuppyCast, because I wanted to have a record of the challenges and joys of raising a puppy. I wanted to look (DailyDoogo, which I will not abandon, btw.) and listen back to this important time in my life. But I think that this project has run its course: I don‘t feel the need to publish this every week anymore. It‘s not like nothing changes or that there is nothing to report dog-wise, but it all comes down to the need to simplify and de-schedule my life. And I have episodes for the first six months, which seems like a good place to stop.

Seasons change. And this is how I feel about my microcasting: Right now I‘d much rather write than talk. Looking at my blog I mostly see noise that was produced hastily to satisfy a self-imposed schedule. I will let this stuff go, for now.

PuppyCast 027 🐶🎙

Not a lot of training this week. Continuing to watch Zac George videos. Training is not a linear process. Walking a small day trail. Potty training has been going great lately.

The Early Riser Day 127 🌅🎙

Sleeping through the night is great, however I‘d rather wake up in the middle of the night and take the dog out then find a pee stain in the freshly cleaned carpet next morning.